Building Community with dyads.

This new blog can be a tool to help build caring community.  A place to share your thoughts on the subject and read about the thoughts of others.  This tool can’t replace face to face interactions or handshakes, but it can be a start.

When there is talk of building community, I am reminded of dyads.

Dyads are two-person interactions.  For example, a handshake is a dyad.

If there were 60 people in the sanctuary on a Sunday and everyone shook hands with everyone else, how many dyads would there have been?

The answer is 1770. ( 60 X 59 = 3540 divided by 2 = 1770. )

A handshake can be a start at a reciprocal relationship.

Reaching consensus is more likely in groups where a lot of people have reciprocal relationships:

I’ll do this for you, if you do that for me.  I’ll give on this, if you give on that.

See similarities, hear differences, touch adversaries, speak connectedness.



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  1. Howard Kranz

    This is so true, but dyads are so scary! That’s why I like small groups.

    But I want to keep working up the courage to do dyads, because it is so rewarding.

    “See similarities, hear differences, touch adversaries, speak connectedness.” Yes!

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