1. steve sandberg

    Thanks David for the thoughtful comments. This is great. It seems that we now, with this new website,have a vehicle for communicating with each other in a new way. I view this as a very positive development,and something that has been difficult to achieve at Walker in recent years. Important issues were brought forth at the two recent financial survival meetings that aren’t easy to address by creating a new task force. Its my hope that we can have respectful discussions in person as well, but for now at least, this is a hopeful opportunity. —— steve sandberg

  2. Jennifer Gahnstrom

    I was checking out our new website and saw the interesting (and perhaps provocative) comment by David West. Thanks to Deb Ramage, who set up this website, we now have more opportunity to exchange ideas. But I have stayed up way to late and won’t look at the website late at night anymore.

    I was at the meeting and my impression was that questions were raised like “what is the Walker community’s relationship to Christianity and to Methodism?.” I didn’t hear answers, conclusions or consensus. I heard comments about wanting to discuss these questions and trying to reach consensus on answers.

    Thinking about the meeting and about consensus I thought of dyads. A dyad is a two-person interaction. For example, if on a Sunday there were 60 people in the sanctuary and everyone shook hands with everyone else there would have been 1780 dyads. ( 60 X 59 = 1780 divided by 2 = 1780)

    The ability to reach consensus is based on the size of the group, the number of reciprocal relationships between individuals in the group, the desire of all present to hear what others have to say, to compromise and to reach consensus.

    So, increasing the number of dyads in a group is a start in an attempt to reach some sort of consensus.

    “See similarities, hear differences, speak connectedness, touch adversaries.”

    • Jennifer Gahnstrom

      I love this ability to comment on our new website.
      But now (seeing my previous comment on dyads) I feel compelled to make the following correction:

      A dyad is a 2 person interaction.
      So if 60 people were in the sanctuary on a Sunday and everyone shook hands with everyone else there would have been 1770 dyads.
      (60 x 59 = 3540 divided by 2 = 1770)

      I wonder how long it would take.

  3. David West

    Sorry I missed the 2nd meeting. I’m a little confused around this talk about Christianity. Was the feeling that we aren’t out there enough with our Christianity or that we are too Christian and need to emphasize our community aspects?

    Personally, I’ve become a little bored with Walker. While I still love and enjoy the company of almost all the members I find myself volunteering less and contributing much less than I used to. Many said when we lost our old building that our church is more than brick and mortar but I guess I’m not seeing it.
    Seems to me we’ve been all about the building.

    What attracted me to Walker was not its churchiness, its committees and the fact that it was a landlord. I liked the community of artists, the plays my kid was in, the potlucks, singing on Sundays, the exchange of ideas and talk back during celebration and the peace with justice work we did around affordable health care and labor issues. So I felt like I was part of a loving, vibrant, artistic and political community but it turns out I’m only Methodist worrying with other Methodists about how to pay for the temple.

    I’ll take responsibility for my part in this. I was probably so in love with you all and smitten with revolutionary zeal I didn’t realize where I really was. It is possible now that my kid is grown I’ll just move on to other stuff like so many have done before me. Or I’ll be one of those crochety church elders who counts the offerings every Sunday and keeps suggesting we hold another bake sale. After all, at my core, I’m just as middle class as Walker is.

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