To be or not to be “Christian”

I consider myself a Christian mystic. I believe that Jesus was a mystic who was teaching a mystic path…like the Buddha or like Rumi.

I realize that my interpretation of Jesus’ words is not the most commonly held interpretation.

In fact, many in our surrounding local culture have chosen to reject Christianity altogether due to its indelible association with domination and colonization.

I often wonder if it is in our best interest, as an aging community in this subculture, to maintain our “Christian” label. I wonder if that label is actually a detriment to growth.

Is there any possibility that the Christian label will ever be attractive to people of our subculture again? Is it not already past the point of no return?

Does anyone really care how I personally have come to terms with being a member of an institution which has dominated and subjugated millions of people? Would my explanation convince anyone to become a Christian mystic like me? I doubt it.

Do you consider yourself a Christian? What is your personal interpretation of that label? Do we want to be associated with Christianity?