Church Council 2017

 The Church Council is the decision making body of the church that furthers the mission to nurture spirituality, build caring community and work courageously for peace with justice and mercy.

  • The council makes all financial decisions and sets policies.
  • It is the fiscal body of the church.
  • It plays the role of the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
  • All staff members are ex-officio members of the council with voice but may not be full members.
  • When the Council goes into executive session to deal with personnel issues the SPRC chair leads the meetings and separate minutes are prepared.
  • Council minutes are public, SPRC minutes are private.

Lulu Philips                  Chair (19)

Nancy Larsen              Secretary (19)

Jan Werness               Treasurer (18)

Howard Kranz             Lay Leader (18)

Al Hildenbrand           Lay Member Annual Conference (19)

KC Bretzke                  Finance Chair (18)

Kristine Smith              Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) Chair (17)

David West                  Celebration Committee Chair (19)

Bonita Blumenauer      Reconciling Representative (17)

Jesse Watkins              At-large (17)

Ed Ed Mueller             Building and grounds (18)

Wayne Bailey              Building and grounds (19)

Joe Hesla                    At-large (17)

Lucy Slater                  At-large (18)

Jim McCreary.             At-large (19)



Buildings and Grounds committee

A Building and Grounds committee implements church policy and has the authority to care for the physical needs of the church or other duties assigned by the Council.  It implements a budget set by the Church Council.  Anyone is welcome to be a part of the Building and Grounds Committee. Staff participate as needed.


Ed Ed Mueller, Al Hildenbrand, and Wayne Bailey are responsible for convening the committee and reporting to the council.  Everyone in the community is invited to participate in this committee.


Finance committee

A finance committee monitors and insures the integrity of the finances, builds the budget, and arranges for fundraisers. Everyone in the community is invited to participate in this committee.


KC Bretzke chairs the finance committee and reports to the council

Jan Werness

Carol Megarry

Linda Berglin

Walker Church Committees 2016

  • · The members of the Church Council, Trustees, Staff Parish Relations Committee & Involvement Committees are elected each year.
  • · All other committees, task forces, teams, etc. are open to new members at any time.
  • · Meetings are open to everyone with one exception: The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) deals with personnel issues and you can contact the chair if you wish to have input.

Church Conference, Charge Conference & All Church Meetings

Church Conference is a meeting of all members held at least once a year to elect church officers and approve the budget.  All members have a vote.  The meeting must be announced 2 weeks in advance.
Charge Conference is a meeting of all elected church officers–Council, Trustees, Finance, SPRC, Involvement.  All Elected officers have a vote.  The meeting must be announced 2 weeks in advance.
All Church Meetings may be held for various reasons.
Records of these meetings can be found here.

 Church Council
Council members are elected at the Church Conference each year.
(It is comparable to a Board of Directors elected at an Annual Meeting.)

Allyson Hayward, Chair
Nancy Larsen, Secretary
Jan Werness, Treasurer
Howard Kranz, Lay Leader
Al Hildenbrand, Lay Member Annual Conference
Marcia Seelhoff , Financial Secretary
KC Bretzke, Finance Chair
Sarah Elizabeth, Kitchen Cabinet Chair
Debra Ramage, Peace with Justice Chair
Lucy Slater, Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) Chair
Wayne Bailey, Trustees Co-chair
Al Hildenbrand , Trustees Co-chair
David West, Celebration Committee Chair
Walter Lockhart, Involvement Committee Chair
Bonita Blumenauer, Reconciling Representative
Jesse Watkins, At-large
Minutes of Church Council meetings.

Finance Committee
Oversees the church finances.

KC Bretzke, Chair
Carole Megarry, Vice Chair
Jan Werness, Treasurer
Marcia Seelhoff, Financial Secretary
Tom Manley, Financial Secretary Assistant
Linda Berglin
Minutes of Finance Committee meetings.

Oversees church property as the legal representative.

Term through 2016:
Al Hildenbrand, Co-chair
Wayne Bailey, Co-chair
KC Bretzke
Term through 2017:
Trenk Ebbighausen
Becky Hanson
Term through 2018:
Harlan Seelhoff
Ed Ed Mueller

Some parts of Trustees meetings are not minuted. Minutes which are available to the public are here.

Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
Oversees church personnel.
Term through 2016:
Lucy Slater,Chair
Jim McCreary
Term though 2017:
Joe Hesla
Kristine Smith
Term through 2018:
Al Hildenbrand
Lay Leader
Linda Berglin

Meetings of the SPRC are confidential due to the nature of business.

Involvement Committee
Meets once a year to propose candidates for elected positions.

Term through 2016:
Lou Tofte
Lulu Philips
Term through 2017:
Greg Garman
Janet Court
Jan DeNoble
Term through 2018:
Ed Ed Mueller
Margo McCreary

Minutes are not taken at Involvement Committee meetings. 

Elected Representatives

Reconciling Congregations: Debra Ramage & Bonita Blumenauer
Metro West Builders: Carole Megarry & Dianne O’Donnell

Celebration Committee
Coordinates the Sunday Celebrations & other events.

Mary Parker, chair
Tony Wentersdorf
Emily Peabody
Bonita Blumenauer
Dianne O’Donnell
Howard Kranz
Sally Kuehn
Marg Rozycki
Janet Skidmore

Sunday Greeters:
Jan DeNoble
Greg Garman
Margo McCreary
Jan Werness
Janet Court
Don Browne
Mary Burns
Carole Megarry

Sunday Hospitality Committee:
Kay Seelhoff
Sally Kuehn
Don Browne
Announcements of Celebration Committee meetings and Minutes, where available.

 Peace with Justice Committee
Forms alliances and sponsors programs to further the peace & social justice mission. Meets as need arises. 

Deb Ramage, chair
Steve Cobian, Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers (MAP) representative

The Peace with Justice Blog keeps interested people apprised of upcoming and past social justice events at Walker or of interest to Walker people. 

Kitchen Cabinet
Coordinates community meals & other use of the kitchen, & consults on requests from outside groups for use of the kitchen.

Sarah Elizabeth, chair
Lou Tofte
Tom Judge
Barbara Hager
Greg Garman
Deb Ramage
Nancy Larsen

Minutes are not taken at Kitchen Cabinet meetings. 

 Communications Task Force
Coordinates both the media (website, Facebook, flyers, personal communication) and the message (attracting attendance to events, increasing involvement, visibilty, and giving) of communications.

Debra Ramage, Communications Coordinator
Al Hildenbrand
Jim Feldman, technical support
Minutes are kept of some Communications Task Force meetings, and are available here.

 Arts and Furnishings Committee
Coordinates what art & furnishings are used in the building where & when.

Mary Buckley
Adel Gardner
Anne Tiller
Mary Parker
Maggie Rozycki
Alice Browne
Becky Hanson


There are currently no Minutes of Arts and Furnishings Committee meetings. 

Building Use Collective Met in 2015 as a Trustee Task Force to coordinate all manner of events and rentals.  Minutes were kept of some Building Use Collective meetings, and are available here